In 1999, we started out to become an on-line search engine for financial products. Our goal was to have one source people could shop for financial products typically only offered through the big Wall Street firms. We were named with the slogan "all the deals, without the broker."

A few years later after opening a full service Broker Dealer, Registered Investment Advisory and Insurance Agency, we found people typically did not make large financial decisions via on-line and changed the name to Gallamore and Lightfoot, dba GL Financial Group and dropped the on-line focus to do business "face to face." A few years later, we split the company with Lightfoot taking the accounting services and Gallamore taking the insurance and brokerage services. With strong relationships with Southwest Securities Clearing, Southwest Insurance Group and the fact that our offices were in the Texas Capital Bank building, it only made sense for us to become "Southwest Texas Capital, LLC."

In 2009, the securities market crashed and the regulatory environment became fierce and expensive. The company withdrew its brokerage license and decided to focus on what it did best - Finding the right insurance products for people when they need guaranteed lifetime income, tax deferral, passing wealth-estate planning, and simple "safe money products for savings."

For our business relationships we have a partnership with a private audit group which came from Price Waterhouse.

A further look into our services....

Insurance -

From Lloyd's entertainment policies to Aviva's BPA index annuities, our licensed specialists can work with almost any carrier.

We can look at your current investment and insurance statements, then help you make sense of them. We can evaluate and acquire your needed or already in-place Key Man, Estate Planning, Business Succession, Life Insurance and Annuity products to improve your peace of mind and financial success. All of our efforts surround products with certain guarantees and we do not offer "Variable" products which have significant cash value risk.


Our audit consulting partners are former Price Waterhouse tax credit executives with an extensive database of pricing for multiple vendors (FedEx, Wells Fargo, AT&T, etc.). They measure and verify the savings produced for you in easy read reporting and provide such as often as needed.

They can perform a comprehensive review of the following:

401(k) Plan Administration Fees, Adversing, Air Shipments, AP Reviews, Armored Car Security, Bank Fees, Benefits Review, Burglar Alarm/CCTV, Cash Management, Contract Compliance, Cost Segregation, Data Storage, Early Pay, Electricity and Natural Gas Commodities, Electricity and Natural Gas Rates, Freight: International, Courier, LL, Parcel, Truckload. Insurance: Auto, Claims Review, Health, P&C, WC. Janitorial Service, Laundry, Linen and Uniform, Lease Review and Renegotiation. Lease Equipment, Occupancy Costs, CAM. Manufacturing COGS, Merchant Credit/Debt, Office Supplies, Toner. Packaging, Pallets, Paper and Plastic Bags and Goods, Payroll Processor Fees, Photo Fleet, Postage, Print, Property Claims, Software Licensing and Maintenance, TAX: Business License, Federal and State, Hiring Credits, Property, R&D, Refunds on Sales Tax Overcharges. Technology Purchases, Telecom Voice, Data, 800, Mobile. Temp Fees, TPA Fees, Trash and Re-cycling, Travel Expense, Utility User Tax, Vending, Warehouse Supplies.



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